About us

In 2009 Sr Nel established Indusmed, focused primarily on the Construction Industry. Working closely with the Master Builders Association, Indusmed focused on risk driven medicals to ensure health and safety on site. Since 2009, Indusmed have expanded their offering into the wine industry, Chevron Oil Refinery as well as a myriad of other industries. Their goal remains to ensure that every employee is physically and mentally fit for the specific requirements of his/her occupation.

Poor performance and even injuries occur due to uncontrolled and undetected chronic conditions, undetected infectious disease like TB/HIV and drug abuse. For this reason, Indusmed assist the employee, ensuring that their physical and mental health are up to the standards required for their specific profession. We carry the burden of reducing poor performance and injuries, to ensure that our clients businesses are more productive, efficient and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


To perform risk driven and job specific medical examinations on company employees ensuring they are fit and able for their specific professions.


To establish long term relationships with our clients, monitoring the health of their employees and carrying the burden of reducing poor performance and injuries, thereby ensuring that our clients comply with the occupational health and safety act.